Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services so you can focus on your core business.

Maintenance Services.

Due to its robust capabilities in design and SEO, WordPress has become the most popular CMS (content management system) among businesses large and small. WordPress can be easy to set up and maintain, but it can be a tad challenging for some and too bothersome to many. For your website to attract new business, it's important that it runs fast and secure. To maintain an SEO friendly website, a fair amount of maintenance is required on an ongoing basis. This can be a big distraction to a business that should rather be focusing on their core business issues. Leave that nitty–gritty to me so you can focus on your business.

3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Maintenance.

In order to truly maximize results and have your WordPress website work at it’s fullest potential it must be regularly maintained. For obvious reasons WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates are important for the best in user experience & website performance, but in the SEO world search engines also will be looking to see if your website is staying up to date with the latest code and wont hesitate to hide your website for not keeping up with search engine requirements and best practices. So besides your updates, here are 3 top reasons why your WordPress website needs monthly maintenance:

Reason #1

Website Backups.

In light of the numerous WordPress hosting vulnerabilities, If you don’t do regular backups of your WordPress site, you may one day be in for a big shock. Did you know that your web hosting provider is not liable for any lost data during a hack or sabotage? With my backup services I will keep regular manual backups of your entire site and database safe in a secure offline location and can fully restore your site to be fully operational in a matter of minutes.

Reason #2

Speed Optimization.

A slow and poorly optimized WordPress website is not only unfriendly to your website's visitors & potential customers but faces the risk of being penalized by Google which drives traffic to your business. I ensure your website speed is optimized at all times by address any issues affecting your websites speed including themes, plugins, images and hosting service if necessary.

Reason #3

WordPress Security.

Due to it's popularity, WordPress is one of the most targeted website platforms by hackers which are always on the lookout for easy targets and unmonitored websites. Implementing security is such a crucial measure that is so underrated and overlooked. Included in my maintenance plan, I will set you up with multiple layers of top-of-the-line security that will easily protect & defend your WordPress website.

WordPress Personal Support & Maintenance Plans.



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