Case Study

General Tire.

General Tire is an American tire manufacturer and conglomerate with holdings in tires, rubber compounds, rocketry and aeronautics, entertainment and news, and real estate.

ROLE: Color grading, Rig Removal, VFX, Animation and Compositing.

We teamed up with Bruce Dorn and CRAF2M to produce custom scripted content creation spanning web videos, and a series of 30 second regional & national TV spots for general tire as a result of our prolific relationship with Continental Tire.


Surfer Girl

Cowboy Courier

Adventure Girl

Truck Racer
Additional Production Credits:

Client: General Tire
Commissioned by: CRAF2M LLC via Bruce Dorn
Creative Director: Bruce Dorn
Cinematography: Bruce Dorn
Primary Editor: Cadu Medina
Project Management: Cadu Medina