Case Study

T2 Hospitality.

From humble beginnings in 1976, Today T2 Hospitality is recognized as a major developer and operator of hospitality-related assets.

ROLE: SEO Web Development, On Page Technical SEO, Website Optimization

Coming from the SEO limiting Squarespace platform, T2-hospitality was in need of a new Content Management System with limitless SEO capabilities to display their services and extensive development portfolio. The UX/UI designer created a fresh and elegant layout in the spirit of the brand. With heavy limitations on optimization due to the complexity of the some of the original UI's custom functionalities, my consultation to heavily modify the layout without sacrificing UX/UI to achieve good loading speeds for SEO purposes which I prioritize in all my builds was implemented.

A website that fits it's branding.

Optimized for mobile.

Additional Production Credits:

Commissioned by: WeAreJoy LLC
Project Manager: Shellie Lewis, Veronica Picos
UX/UI: Tiffany Enriquez
SEO Web Development: Eric Moldero
Website Optimization: Eric Moldero