Case Study

Canyon Equity.

The Canyon Group was formed in mid-2005 by a group of like-minded international investors who strives to attain the perfect blend of “passion & profit” in the world of hospitality. Their vision was to facilitate the creation of a company focused on the acquisition or development of small ultra-luxury resorts around the world.

ROLE: SEO Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Seo Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research

Coming from a dated flash build, it was important to develop a platform that was flexible and accessible to as many people as possible with modern yet simple ergonomics. This strategy gave rise to a site that is interactive, visual, and content-rich, perfectly promoting the modernity of the Canyon Equity Group as well as their dynamism. Canyon Equity also wanted the site to be heavily SEO optimized, So I equipped the new build with a comprehensive competitive analysis strategy, keyword research for their pages, portfolios and initial blog articles, on page technical SEO for the entire build and an optimization of the entire build at completion.

A website that fits it's branding.

Optimized for mobile.

Additional Production Credits:

Commissioned by: WeAreJoy LLC
Project Manager: Shellie Lewis, Veronica Picos
UX/UI: Tiffany Enriquez
SEO Web Development: Eric Moldero
Search Engine Optimization: Eric Moldero