Case Study

AZ Crown Investments.

AZ Crown Investments has always taken technology from their imaginations into households across the world and are always looking for the next great idea-not because it’s a straight line to profit but because they're risk-takers who love a good story.

ROLE: SEO Web Development, On Page Technical SEO, Website Optimization

AZ Crown Investments wanted to create a very simple one-pager website in order to highlight their services. In order to create a modern and glamorous design, the UX/UI designer chose an original structure, but not too original to avoid confusion and anti-ergonomics reactions, I developed this project as a sleek and extremely lightweight optimized build. The client preferred the more expensive pay-per-click method of digital marketing and did not want any additional SEO optimization, but I still implemented my mandatory full On-Page technical SEO to this build at no extra charge.

A website that fits it's branding.

Optimized for mobile.

Additional Production Credits:

Commissioned by: WeAreJoy LLC
Project Manager: Veronica Picos
UX/UI: Tiffany Enriquez
SEO Web Development: Eric Moldero